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At FindFashion Digital, we have put together a customized WordPress setup for you, the Sales Agency.



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Web Hosting

The foundation to your online business isn’t your theme, your design, or all the optimizations to your site.

It’s your web hosting!

If you have bad web hosting, your site may be slow no matter what kind of optimization you do.

Your host is also your first line of defense for maintaining security and speed.

We have put together a customized WordPress Hosting setup just for you, the Sales Rep / Showroom.

Fill out our form at the bottom of our page if you want to get started.


Uptime Guarantee

Make sure your web host offers at least 99.9% uptime guarantee. Even that is just a minimum. Look for 99.95% or even better. 99.9% over a year can still result in a lot of downtime.

Secure Backups

Find web hosts that can offer website backups.

Usually they charge extra for it, however some can offer it based on the plan you select.

Safe & Secure

All websites should include SSL, regardless whether you are using ecommerce or not. There are different levels of SSL certificates that we can recommend and help you with.

Dedicated Support

Look for dedicated 24/7 customer support with short turnaround times.

Many hosting companies only offer email support, which is normal. Some do offer phone support usually at a premium cost.

Other Features

Preconfigured Setups or Full Control (WordPress)

If you’re looking for WordPress, some hosts offer several plugins pre-installed or you can choose to have a blank website and set it up yourself.

It’s up to you.

With WordPress you can have unlimited users to manage your site.

If you’re not using WordPress, look for a website builder with responsive layout

Make sure the host offers SFTP and SSH access

Does the web host use a simple to use control panel?

Does the web host offer free SSL certificate and domain WHOIS Privacy?

What kind of reporting does your web host offer for visitor analytics

SSD drives for super fast speeds is a minimum nowadays for hosting.

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Backup Archives

Does the hosting provider offer archives of your backups?

Email Backups

Do you need emails backup?

MySQL Database Backups

Your database is often key to running your website. Make sure hosts provide database backups as well.

Easy Setup

One Click Installs

One-click install makes it easy to setup WordPress. Just click, enter a few pieces of information and you’re ready to go in minutes!

Find hosts that offer easy installs for software such as:



Other Tools

More Questions?

Value-Added Services

As someone who specializes in managing contact lists of fashion sales reps, I’ve learned a few things that are needed for the fashion sales rep. So, I’ve created a web hosting package just for you. No added monthly costs. Just one price and you get it all.

Web Hosting

You'll get web hosting with automatic backups (7 days of storage backups)  and 24/7 email support with responses within 15 minutes.

WordPress will be installed with a best in class theme from the following based on your specific requirements:

Divi theme, the most popular Premium WordPress theme. It powers over 800,000 WordPress sites.

Hestia Pro by Theme Isle

Neve Pro by Theme Isle

Genesis Framework by StudioPress


Hosting is worth approximately $10/month.

The Divi theme is worth $249.

The Genesis Framework is worth approximately $360 / year. 

The Hestia Pro and Neve Pro themes are worth approximately $69 / year.



You can add as many users as you like to help you manage your site with varying levels of permissions.


Your site will come pre-installed with appointment booking functionality. This is worth approximately $15/month.


Allow your brands to store their linesheets securely on your website and give permissions to as many buyers as you need. Valued at $199 / year.


Add as many forms as you like. Contact forms, registration forms, email opt-in, booking forms (although you'll already have a booking feature).


You can create unlimited email accounts under your website domain name with a total of 25 GB of space. So, you can create email accounts for your staff at no extra charge.


Newsletter Integration

I'll setup a newsletter sign-up with MailChimp or other major mail campaign software.

Social Media

Add all your social media profiles wherever you like on your website.

Also get access to Social Bee under my Agency account and post to all the major social media platforms in one dashboard. Post to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Get advanced posting features where you can schedule posts and create advanced posting schedules.

Also get Shor under my Agency account that allows you to create simple, yet powerful bio pages for your social media accounts including Instagram. It allows you to have several links in your bio page and you can track clicks for retargeting. You can create links to your brands and keep track of clicks as well.

Social Bee also allows for adding pixels for retargeting and tracks clicks and engagements of your social media posts.

I provide access to the Accelerate Plan (without direct support from SocialBee, only documentation and video tutorials). This is worth approximately $39/month.

I provide access to the Pro Plan of Shor (formerly Shorby) with only documentation support. This is worth approximately $24/month.



Add your Instagram feed if you like.


Add beautiful portfolio or gallery images for your brands.


Your website will have SSL and will use https.

Lead Generation

You'll get listed on FindFashion Rep, my other site that ranks on the top of Google for several search terms for sales reps.

Getting on the 1st page of Google can cost you hundreds of dollars per month.

Your listing is included at no extra charge when you host with FindFashion Digital!

See my video below to see how valuable listing on my FindFashion Rep site can be.

Note that 1st page ranking cannot be guaranteed. That is something even Google warns to people who purchase top results. However, I will do my best to maintain this ranking.


Lead Generation Tool

I provide access to the Business Plan of Contest Domination for referral lead generation and running sweepstakes. This is worth $80 / month if you see their site at:


e-Commerce can be added for a one-time fee or you can do it yourself and add WooCommerce. WooCommerce was made by the makers of WordPress and integrates smoothly with WordPress.

Start selling your clients lines on your website and help them sell more!

I don't take any commissions, however, I do increase my monthly fee based on the volume of sales you have.


Help Your Clients

One of the most valuable features of my hosting plan is the SEO and online marketing I will provide for your clients through you!

I will assess their websites and let you know how to improve their site. This way you can provide extra value to your clients who may need help with their websites.

The more value you provide to them, the more valuable you are to them. And designers need online help more than ever.

Increased sales on their websites helps you sell more as well. How much easier is it to sell a product if it's already selling well?

Need More?

If there is more you want, contact me using the form below and I'll see what I can do for you.

I don't have a Buy Now button for this as I really do customized hosting for you. So, contact me and let's work something out!

Lead Generation

See why my Lead Generation benefit can help you get found and bring more exposure to your business.



$60 / month

Check Out the Value Offered by FindFashion Digital Hosting

Feature Value
WordPress Hosting $10 / month, 24/7 email support with responses within 15 minutes
Premium WordPress Theme Varying depending on theme, but, can be as low as $249 one-time or as high as $360 / year
Booking Approximately $15 / month
Linesheets $199 / year
Newsletter Integration Service One time fee of $50
SocialBee Accelerate Plan under my Agency Account Approximately $39 / month. Allows you to create re-targeting links for you or your clients.
Shor Pro Plan under my Agency Account Approximately $24 / month. Allows you to create re-targeting links for you or your clients.
Lead Generation – 1st Page Google Ranking Varying cost depending on SEO Agency – Maybe as low as $50 / month, but, generally much higher. Get potential leads 24/7.
Lead Generation Tool – Contest Domination $80 / month. Another tool for generating leads for yourself or clients.
E-Commerce Approximately $5 to $15 / month extra on your website plan or even more. Provide value for your brands by listing their products on your site with the ability to offer coupons and discounts. Also track abandoned carts.
Help Your Clients with SEO and Website Monitoring

You could subscribe to services to do this for you and it could cost you as low as $40 / month, however, I can provide you with much more analytics and reports worth hundreds per month.

The Website Monitoring monitors your client websites and sends a specified contact an email or phone call if the site is down.


Your Price for all the above ==> $60 / month!

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