Customized Web Hosting for the Fashion Sales Rep

At FindFashion Digital, we put together a customized toolset for you, the Sales Rep. From individual Road Reps to larger sales teams, we have the tools for you.

core Services

Web Hosting

Core Web Hosting Features You Expect


SSL Certificates


Uptime Guarantee

Dedicated Support

Uptime Guarantee

Make sure your web host offers at least 99.9% uptime guarantee. Even that is just a minimum. Look for 99.95% or even better. 99.9% over a year can still result in a lot of downtime.

Secure Backups

Find web hosts that can offer website backups.

Usually they charge extra for it, however some can offer it based on the plan you select.

Safe & Secure

All websites should include SSL, regardless whether you are using ecommerce or not. There are different levels of SSL certificates that we can recommend and help you with.

Dedicated Support

Look for dedicated 24/7 customer support with short turnaround times.

Many hosting companies only offer email support, which is normal. Some do offer phone support usually at a premium cost.

Features for the Sales Rep


Beautiful Galleries

Create beautiful lookbooks for your clients. We can provide simple images to beautiful galleries and carosels to match your clients needs or taste. 

All The Features Needed for Sales Reps

As someone who specializes in managing contact lists of fashion sales reps and retailers, I’ve learned a few things that are needed for the fashion sales rep.

If you have partners or employees that need access to your site, there is no limit to the users you can add.

Add appointment bookings to your site and reduce back and forth emails.

Store linesheets in password protected sections of your site.

Add custom order forms for your site.

Take orders for your clients with a wholesale ecommerce section for buyers.

Provide email to any number of partners or employees on your team.

Integrate major newsletter services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact and others to your site.

Get access to social media tools to manage for your clients.

Add feedback forms. Create them for clients after market shows.

From Single Road Reps to Large Sales Teams

Whether you’re a single person road rep or a large team, we can help you streamline your business with professional tools for you and your clients.

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Hosting plans as low as $10 / month for the simplest sites with setup costs as low as $500.

Contact us below for a quote.

$10 / month is pretty cheap. Will the site work well?

Maybe other website designers charge a lot more. Wix and Square charge much more as well. The fact is, hosting doesn’t cost much. I pass on the savings to you.

This site you’re looking at costs me $10 / month.

This ecommerce fashion site with more than 350 products and has way more elements going on the website. It’s at: It’s also just $10 / month. Same host as this one.

How much does it cost to add email accounts?

One time setup fee of $20 per user. No extra monthly charges. Includes spam protection and email filtering.

One email account is included at no charge.

Total of 25GB across all accounts created.

How much does it cost to add users?

Each user is $20. No extra monthly charges.

One admin user is included at no charge.

How much does it cost to add appointment booking?

One time setup fee starting at $100. No extra monthly charges.

How does email support work?

Login to the support site and post your ticket. Email support is 24/7. Support is not with FindFashion Digital.

Does it cost to update my market calendar or brand images?

You can pay for each change or you can purchase a $10 / month service package which I’ll make minor changes for you including your market calendar or brand image changes.

How much does it cost to allow clients to have password protected linesheets?

One time setup fee starting at $200. No extra monthly charges.

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