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The core to a solid website is your web hosting company.

We only deal with fashion professionals including designers & manufacturers, sales reps & showrooms, and retailers.



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Web Hosting and VPS Hosting

The foundation to your online business isn’t your theme, your design, or all the optimizations to your site.

It’s your web hosting!

If you have bad web hosting, your site may be slow no matter what kind of optimization you do.

Your host is also your first line of defense for maintaining security and speed.

We can recommend premium web hosting for the fashion professional.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to Shopify or more affordable features in addition to your basic Shopify plan, then consult FindFashion Digital!

What should you look for? See the features listed on this page.


Uptime Guarantee

Make sure your web host offers at least 99.9% uptime guarantee. Even that is just a minimum. Look for 99.95% or even better. 99.9% over a year can still result in a lot of downtime.

Secure Backups

Find web hosts that can offer website backups.

Usually they charge extra for it, however some can offer it based on the plan you select.

Safe & Secure

All websites should include SSL, regardless whether you are using ecommerce or not. There are different levels of SSL certificates that we can recommend and help you with.

Dedicated Support

Look for dedicated 24/7 customer support with short turnaround times.

Many hosting companies only offer email support, which is normal. Some do offer phone support usually at a premium cost.

Other Features

Preconfigured Setups or Full Control (WordPress)

If you’re looking for WordPress, some hosts offer several plugins pre-installed or you can choose to have a blank website and set it up yourself.

It’s up to you.

With WordPress you can have unlimited users to manage your site.

If you’re not using WordPress, look for a website builder with responsive layout

Make sure the host offers SFTP and SSH access

Does the web host use a simple to use control panel?

Does the web host offer free SSL certificate and domain WHOIS Privacy?

What kind of reporting does your web host offer for visitor analytics

SSD drives for super fast speeds is a minimum nowadays for hosting.

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Backup Archives

Does the hosting provider offer archives of your backups?

Email Backups

Do you need emails backup?

MySQL Database Backups

Your database is often key to running your website. Make sure hosts provide database backups as well.

Easy Setup

One Click Installs

One-click install makes it easy to setup WordPress. Just click, enter a few fields and you’re ready to go in minutes!

Find hosts that offer easy installs for software such as:




More Questions?

Value-Added Services

What can you offer?

First of all, we don’t actually offer the hosting ourselves, we recommend different hosts based on your needs.

If you use our link to purchase your web hosting, we can provide you with some initial support getting your site up and running.

Many hosting companies can WordPress for you, but, you need to configure and set it up further to actually get it working the way you want.

I am a Sales Rep or Showroom, what plan is good for me?

Based on the showrooms and sales rep websites I’ve seen, starter plans would work well for you.

Generally, you only need a few standard pages such as your contact form, about us, services, brands, and then email accounts for your staff.

Starter plans covers all that.

The potential look and design of your site is not limited by your plan.

I am a new Designer, what plan will work for me?

Generally, for new designers, you can start off with starter plans.

With Designers, the standard website I’ve seen usually has a story, contact, about, services, and shopping page.

The web hosts we recommend can have e-commerce ready so you can start selling right away after adding your products and payment methods.

I am a Designer with an established and growing brand, what plan do I need?

If your brand carries only a few pieces of clothing, then a starter plan will still be sufficient.

If your traffic is small because you are selling through your sales reps or established retail outlets, then a starter plan will still work for you fine.

If you have lots of traffic to your site or you have lots of emails and files, then more advanced plans will be the better option.

My site is quite popular with growing traffic. What plan should I start with?

If you have several hundred thousand page views per month, the mid-tier plans is the better choice for you.

If your traffic is approaching 1 million page views per month, then you may need higher level plans or VPS to handle your traffic.

We know hosts that can offer that.

Do you have other hosting options?

Yes. I’m a Consultant. I do work with a selected few hosting companies that I feel offer excellent support, however, I can always review your business needs and work with other hosting companies or plans.

If you need VPS or Dedicated plans, I can help you with that for very high traffic websites.

What kind of support will I receive?

We’ll recommend hosts with 24/7 email support. That is standard. Phone support usually costs more or requires a mid-tier plan.


Do you have a guarantee?

We don’t offer the hosting ourselves. We just recommend them to you based on your business. The hosting plans we recommend offer full refund guarantees. If for whatever reason you do not wish to stay with the hosting, you can request a full refund within a certain number of days depending on the host.

Domain transfer cost cannot be refunded, which is not more than $20 depending on the registrar.

Can you transfer my site?

Yes. But, it’s best to ask first before ordering. Some sites my require additional fees.

I don't know anything about websites, can you provide full service transfer or setup?

Yes. Please contact me at:

647-490-3826 or

[email protected]

Do I need to transfer my domain?


Note that domain privacy is included for free if you do transfer in your domain.

Can you transfer my email?

We can, but, it’s best to contact support first.

Will my site be down during a transfer?

It’s suggested you keep your current site as is while the transfer in progress.

When you point your domain to our new hosting, there may be a period of intermittent delays before your site is functioning properly.

What is the cost of domain transfer?

– .com $8.38
– .net $10.30
– .org $10.49 

I don't use WordPress, can you host a site without WordPress?

Yes. If you use Drupal, Magento, Joomla! or other content management system, the hosting company can handle those and many more.

I can only recommend hosts that use Linux. I am not familiar with Microsoft or ASP hosting.

Where are the servers located?

We can recommend hosting companies that offer servers in the US, Canada, or Europe.

Do I get a fully functioning website when I sign up for hosting?

No. You have to install your website on the host.

If you pre-pay for 1 year, FindFashion Digital can set up WordPress for you so that you have a functioning website with a Premium theme.

However, design is not included.

You will still need to develop your site with the home page, contact page, and other pages you plan for your website.

You can either develop your site yourself or hire someone to do it.

We offer web development services as well.

I need a redesign of my site, can you do that?

Yes, we do website development as well.

I Love Shopify sites - Can my site look just as good?

Yes it can.

Fashion Gatto

Another site you can check out is:

FindFashionRep Sample Shop

We offer website development services as well.

Can you manage my website?

Yes, FindFashion Digital offers WordPress website management. We can setup everything for you including e-commerce, FB and Instagram integration, newsletter integration, email, SEO, and social media accounts.

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