Wholesale Website

Create a wholesale section for your buyers. Add it on to Shopify or make it standalone.

Minimum Orders

membership management

tax exemption rules

Tiered Pricing Rules

Buy x get one free

change currencies for users

users can enter their purchase order number

Payment Method Rules

request a quote

shipping method control

know Orders vs Re-Orders

advanced discount rules

Built-in Messaging

Respond to buyers or potential buyers in your dashboard. Everything is in one place!


Customize your wholesale shop for different buyers. Whether it’s the payment method, shipping method, taxes, discount, pricing – You can customize it!

Create Linesheets, Lookbooks, and Collections

Wow your buyers with beautiful linesheets, lookbooks, and your own collections and edits.


Let’s get your wholesale shop started!

Add on your wholesale site to your Shopify store or make it standalone.

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